1 January 2012 § Leave a comment

The holidays are over. I do love Christmas, usually I start getting excited on the first day of November. I know that this is what others think is wrong with Christmas, that it unnecessarily drags on for two whole months, but it’s a source of excitement for me.  I love Christmas lights and giving presents and baking. The glow of Christmas even makes unpleasant chores like a floor-to-ceiling housecleaning job seem festive. Then somewhere around the solstice the shiny glow tends to leave.  The pressure of being unable to do it all perfectly wears on me, everyone seems grumpy with the same plight, and the traffic is bad enough to make you a hermit.  So now, finally, on January 1st, the holiday is over!  


I hope yours was good. I hope you weren’t filled with longing for regular days when a 5 minute commute didn’t take 30 minutes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you were. We all get a little frayed around the edges this time of year, I think.   


One of the things I was really hoping for was a white Christmas and I have been disappointed once again. In fact, there hasn’t been much winter to speak of at all. We’ve been in a perpetual state of late fall/early spring weather. Chilly air, occasional warm sun, lots of wind, lots of rain. This would have never been disappointing to me before, but it is now. My knitter’s soul has felt the need for the warm objects I make to be used and loved.

Silver and Gold
The only knitted object I finished for Christmas was a pair of socks for my mom. They were mae of Patons Classic Wool in Light Grey Mix and Dark Grey Mix and were extremely quick. My mom’s good about taking care of delicate objects but even still I felt bad when I told her they were handwash only socks. I think I’m going to have to make her another pair in superwash.  Right now I’ve started on a pair of 2×2 rib socks in Stroll, “Agate Heather” for my boyfriend. It’s a lovely color. It makes me think of bunnies.

Fingering weight socks take forever.  Especially when the last pair you made were worsted.


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