slow & steady…

20 July 2011 § Leave a comment

Summer is drifting along lazily. I’m beginning to venture into the mid-summer mode I always do, wary of heat and humidity, dreaming of fall. Some cool nights wouldn’t bother me a bit.

I generally hate air conditioning. I even went so far as to call my boyfriend a pejorative term for a certain part of the female anatomy on the first muggy, 80 degree night we had in May when he suggested we turn the A/C on. But now? It suits me just fine, thank you. It’s strange, but in mid-winter I get nostalgic for that feeling of the first blast of cool air when you walk inside after being out in thick, muggy air. In summer, I get nostalgic for the idea of snuggling up in a warm blanket on the couch when snow is falling outside. I think after a certain point, I just wish for times when I don’t rue the heat / cold.

Lately I’ve been fantasizing about snow. Don’t tell anyone. I vowed loudly in December to never complain this summer when it was hot. But here I am, complaining that it’s hot.

When I was a kid, like all kids, I lived for summer. Long days playing outside, no school, swimming pools and ice cream. It just seems like the past few years it has been entirely too hot to stay outside for more than an hour or so.

This summer has been anything but relaxing though. Over the past week I’ve spent a full-time job’s amount of hours working on a research paper for an English class.  Tomorrow, I have one midterm and then a free 24 hours to do whatever I want….

I think I’ll knit.




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