time to get healthy

8 July 2011 § Leave a comment

Today has been a challenging day filled with a lot of stress. I had a doctors appointment to discuss a surgery I will be having in a few weeks. The surgery isn’t really anything major, it’s outpatient and pretty routine. However, the situation I’m in has given me a lot of pause, especially on how I don’t do anything to promote my own health. My diet is atrocious, exercise is nonexistent, I drink, I smoke. All of this really has to change, because a lot of cancer runs in my family and it’s frankly irresponsible of me to treat my body this way, knowing that I have a higher risk of these problems. My mom has had breast and cervical cancer and my whole life I was under the impression that, yes, I certainly had a risk of developing it, but it wouldn’t actually happen to me. Even though I don’t have cancer, it’s made me realize that I’m not as healthy and immortal as I seemed to think.

So it is time to get healthy.

toe up from the flo' up

In other news, the hour and a half I waited at the doctor’s office was put to good use as I had plenty of time to both knit my sock and plot revenge. My appointment was supposed to be at 10:10; at 8:30 I got a call asking if I could come in early.  Of course, I said. I thought I could finish up early. You see, my appointment should’ve only taken around 5 minutes. The biopsy information had already been discussed with me over the phone, and the appointment for surgery had already been scheduled. All they had to do was have me sign a consent form, tell me not to eat or drink anything, and send me on my merry way.  Instead, they decided to allow every complaining pregnant lady to go right on ahead in front of me.

But it’s okay, because the rest of the day was filled with homework. So that was about the only knitting time I got, except for some that I snuck in.


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