a year older…

6 July 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I turned twenty-five. No big deal, I turn a year older every year on 5 July.

4th of July fireworks - city park

My dad baked me a cake.

cake for the big two-five

I went out  to a bar with friends and woke up at 9 AM today extremely hungover. I mean, I tipped a few back, but the pounding in my skull tells me I had a lot more than I thought I did. Overall, though, I had a great time. Lots of laughs & hugs, and I got to ring in my 25th year surrounded by the people who mean the most to me.


Birthdays are usually a time in which I reflect on what I personally want out of the coming year and how I spent the previous one. It’s sort of like New Years, only smack dab in the middle of the calendar. I decided that over the next year, I want a lot of new experiences. I want to shake things up, travel more, take a lot of classes and get close to finishing my degree. But I also want to try harder to find balance in my life. Work hard, yes, but find more time to enjoy life. Read more. Knit more. Learn more. Explore.

quiet time

Be less shy about taking pictures.

Today I started on some toe-up socks in Felici (Sport, “Sunny Day”). It took me three hours and many articles to figure out how to cast on. I’ve only completed two pairs of socks, both cuff-down, but I feel as though I grasp the concept pretty well. It’s been a challenge so far. I cast on one way and had to rip it out, then I made a crochet provisional cast on and now they’re looking pretty good. (Wendy Johnson’s “Easy Method” on Knitty) I think I’m going to like toe-ups because I hate having leftover sock yarn that’s too little to make another pair, too much to throw away, and too strange a colorway to really fit with anything else..

The casting on is finnicky. I have trouble learning new cast-on methods. I think because I didn’t learn the long tail in the traditional way and I do it kind of strangely.  I didn’t think I’d like it because my increases are always messy, but so far she’s looking good. One thing I like about toe up is that since the cuff is the last portion, if I get bored with it I can just bind off. Usually I cast on my socks with zeal, zip through the heel turn, and lose my interest mid-foot. Now as long as I make it a few rows past the heel I can stop and they’ll still be wearable. It won’t use up the yarn, as I said I wanted to, but whatever. AND no kitchener stitch. I hate grafting toes. Somehow I always mess up the first one and I can feel a nub in one toe that I correct in the other. I can see this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and a year of being unafraid to try new things.


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