FO: Springtime in Gryffindor

14 June 2011 § Leave a comment

It’s been a while, huh?

Springtime in Gryffindor II

Well, today I am pleased to present…. an FO!

Took me long enough.


According to Ravelry, I started these on April 8th. Then a little thing I called Spring-Quarter-onset Second Mitt Syndrome took hold. I didn’t have time to do anything besides school work. In a fit of knitting despiration I’d cast on the second mitt and knit up to 5 rows of the pattern and then stopped. It’s been pretty hot and I was forced to read some books against my will for school, so knitting took a backseat (like, a trunk backseat.)   

Yesterday was nice and cool. There was a lovely breeze that made it feel like fall. (When your temperatures have been upwards of 90 degrees, 75 degrees feels like fall to you.) So I sat and knit all day yesterday and finished the right hand mitt. Due to inattention on my part I messed up a stitch and subsequently learned to double knit. This is also my first real Fair Isle, and if you want to try one I cannot reccommend SpillyJane’s patterns enough. I had no trouble following the pattern until I almost-memorized it.

Truthfully, though, I have been doing other things.

Future Flowers

I finally got around to planting some seeds last week. These are African Daisies I planted in a window box last Wednesday. I also planted some poppies (which haven’t showed yet), some basil, tomatoes, and hot peppers (all sprouting up nicely).  We have two large trees in the backyard that obscure most of the sun, except where the veggies are planted. I just hope it’s enough that they continue growing. I’m not usually so good at growing things, so I hope my genes finally kicked in and I got some of my mom’s planting prowess.


Now I have no clue what to knit. It seems like everything I’ve tried to start lately I’ve had to rip out. I seem to be going through a knitting stage where I’ve done it long enough to be a little overconfident and I keep messing up what I cast on for because I don’t swatch.  But I should take advantage of this newfound productivity and try my hand at something.


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