23 February 2011 § Leave a comment

Life remains hectic. Adrift in a sea of homework and work work, I am crocheting myself a little life raft.

Mr. Blue Sky scarf II

The colors make me insanely happy because, let’s face it, we’re in the final throes of winter trying to run down the clock. And I’m getting stir crazy. Like a junkie desperate for a fix, I look toward any signs of spring to get me by. It was in the 40s here last week and I decided it would be a good idea to wear flip flops (it wasn’t). Defeated, when I came home I put on my wool socks. But this? It’s my own little slice of blue skies and sunshine made of Debbie Stoller’s Stitch Nation Bamboo Ewe (colorways: Eucalyptus, Sea Glass, Goldenrod) , a wool/bamboo blend that will surely carry me ’til the time the forsythia bloom. I love crocheting with this yarn. I made the Taffy Pull scarf out of it and gave it to a friend for christmas and she adores it. (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures).

vday flowers VI

vday flowers V

I received these lovely flowers as a Valentines Day gift.  Or, as I like to think of them, a gift for surviving Valentine’s Day. My employer decided to issue a major upset right in the thick of the post-Vday pre-President’s Day week that has everyone at my job up in arms. Can’t say I’m very happy about it either. They’re changing something that was a reason I thought our job was one of the better ones in the industry, and now we must share tips and they are cutting wages. While I understand that we’ve just come through tough economic times, I feel like the economy is improving and it seems a little late to choose to do this. On top of it, they’re trying to wrap a big fat pink bow on it and tell us it’s a way to keep the doors of the restaurant open when my employer made an $80 million increase in profits last year. As in, they already had astronomical profits and then made an ungodly amount more profits and are going to make $40 million more a year by forcing us servers to share our tips. It’s quite upsetting. So I understandably needed a mindless project that let some damn sunshine in. It’s about half finished. I’m hoping to wear it to school on Thursday.

Like many women, I also choose to release my frustrations with some good ol’ fashioned American shopping. So much so that I’ve been spending copious and borderline ridiculous amounts online in the past few days. I ordered some Aracarunia Itata from WEBS the other day, and it came today. And when I saw that Knit Picks had swifts on sale and new colors of Felici and a new mohair/silk fingering weight yarn, I couldn’t wait to drop $150 on their website. On top of the fact that I replaced my recently deceased phone on ebay tonight and spent a month’s rent worth in clothing today.  

And the spring colors are getting to me.  I usually love the vibrant summery blues and greens but I’ve been going for pastel purples and soft pinks and blues lately. Oh well, a little girliness never hurt anyone, I suppose.

Fibre Company hat

Here’s my top down hat. It’s resting while I speed through my crochet scarf. Somehow size 4’s seem smaller than I thought at the outset. It looks mitered in this picture, doesn’t it? I assure you that it is safely round, photography can lie, after all.


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