Progress, or Two Socks a Snugglin’

9 February 2011 § Leave a comment

Things are coming along today.


green needles, rainbow socks

Like socks.

rainbow socks a snugglin'

And the ebola I’ve been fighting for the past 3 days. These pictures aren’t the greatest because my D40 works best in natural light and I’ve been told it’s very cold out today. I wouldn’t know, because all I’ve been doing is enjoying the warmth of my house and knitting socks. This weekend is kind of a big deal to the restaurant industry, and I want to be done with my ebola by the time Vday rolls around.

After all, what is Valentine’s Day if your valentine doesn’t want to kiss you for fear of needing quarantined?

Truth be told, I hate Valentine’s Day. I hate it whether I’m single or not. I have a real problem with forced sentiment. Valentine’s falls under the umbrella of “Holidays I used to be indifferent to, but now would rather be shanked than have to endure.” other holidays that fall under this category: Easter, Mother’s Day. I may not have particularly cared for these holidays before, but once you become a waitress, and you have to deal with throngs of couples who had too much to drink during their 2 hour wait/screaming children/bitchy women who only get one day of gratitude and have to milk it for what it’s worth, it really begins to tear away at your soul like so many wild bears. Valentines day is just the beginning of a slippery slope that culminates in Mother’s Day, the worst holiday ever known to man. Even if someone invinted a “strap raw meat to yourself and go to an area infested with wild dogs” holiday, Mother’s day would still be worse. But V-day is pretty bad.

Last V-day I had to sing “Happy Birthday” to a man because he and his trashy girlfriend weren’t planning on coming back in before his real birthday, which was in May. And they were angry that they weren’t getting anything for free for wrapping up their Valentine’s day and 3 months away birthday in one sitting. And they stiffed me, so I guess they actually did get something for free: my dignity.

So with this stress awaiting me, I chose to at least try to get healthy beforehand.  At least I will have money for yarn. And if I keep working, a nifty pair of socks to wear. Remember: tip your waitresses well! It’s not a hobby, and they do need money to pay for their actual hobbies.


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