The Long and Winding Road

8 February 2011 § Leave a comment

Life has taken some interesting turns in PurlyWorld since my last foray into blogging 4 long months ago. Boyfriend and I moved in together. As it is the first time we’ve both every lived with anyone or on our own, it’s been an adventure of furnishing a house, learning the ropes, and paying bills on our own like Big Bad Adults. We’re loving every minute of it, wouldn’t have it any other way. And while my previous two posts were nothing but hatred of summer and love of fall, I’m here to retract those statements.

I am sick to death of winter. Shouldn’t spring be here by now? When I implied that there was a certain … je ne sais quoi about being cozy and warm, knitting in front of my imaginary fireplace, I needed to realize that  being cozy and warm in the winter costs money. Quite a lot of money, it turns out. The kind of money that if applied to say, Knit Picks or Mr. Yarn would keep me happily occupied for several months. In fact, I spent what I would consider to be quite a bit of money on KP before we received our first electric bill, and it wasn’t even anywhere close, and KP at least sent me a giant box of love that will become socks and selbuvotter. (AEP are you taking notes?)

In the midst of all this school and work roll on. I just sat my midterms today, despite becoming very ill on Sunday and subsequently losing my will to live yesterday. But tonight after I woke up from my self-induced NyQuil torpor I actually felt a little bit better. Time for some knitting, no?

Second socks


These socks were born out of a sort of madness. For Christmas, dear Boyfriend got me some yarn goodies. Or what he thought were yarn goodies. It was actually Vanna’s Choice and crochet hooks in sizes I already had. But bless his heart, he tried. So I took them back to JoAnn’s and exchanged them for this yarn, Paton’s Kroy Socks FX in Clover Colors.  School was on, so I just tried to merrily ignore the rainbow colored yarn. But everytime I would walk past it it would catch my eye, and my gaze would hold a little too long. Here in the bleary winter was a pop of warm color enticing me right in my living room. As the damp cold wore on me, I noticed my feet were cold all the time. Really cold. I mean, seriously, I’m a knitter and I have cold feet?  So I cast on the socks and haven’t looked back. I’m about halfway through the second one. My desire to knit the socks ground to a halt about a week ago, but as I pushed through, the exhiliration of having something done – half a pair of socks! – spurred me on to starting the second one.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love every project of mine like A beautiful and unique snowflake that I personally created with the god-like powers instilled into my own two hands, but my first pair of socks left… well, something to be desired. If I hadn’t read something in Interweave Knits about knitting a princess foot, I may well have been thrown off knitted socks forever. My first pair, triumphs over adversity though they were, were a bit too big, a bit too droopy, and bothered the hell out of the bottom of my feet. For some reason, even though I can wear a Noro and Lopi scarf next to my skin without a second thought, the sensitive bottoms of my feet simply cannot stand the feel of a purl bump. So the first socks became outer layers that I wear over a pair of machine knit socks for extra warmth, and I set out to knit the princess foot for my new socks.

second socks - 1.5


And I love them. The only problem is that I purl reeeeaaaally slow. So these socks are going twice as slow once I hit the foot. But the comfort factor and the fact that these are wool socks I will actually wear make it so worth it. I’ve been stocking up on sock yarn…

Malabrigo sock


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