Finally Fall

3 October 2010 § Leave a comment

Some people hate the rain of early fall, when the weather has just turned a bit chilly. They find it dreary and depressing, a portent of nasty weather to come in the next six months. After all the obnoxiously sunny warm weather, I’m excited to see some rain. It tells of hot apple cider and hot chocolate, beautiful hiking as the leaves turn, and warm woolens. It’s very introspective, as well as the perfect opportunity to snuggle up at home and catch up on some things you’ve been putting off. Of course, there are varying degrees of things you put off:

my Opus Spicatum, which I would love to work on, but have heaps of homework to get through first. 

Opus Spicatum

(Awful picture.)

And my homework, which I’d really rather not have to do.


Unfortunately if I procrastinate any longer on this homework the Spicatum is going to become a very costly hat with unfond memories associated with it due to flunking biology lab.



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