First socks!

1 August 2010 § Leave a comment

I can’t resist the lure of discount yarn. Particularly discount wool. I went to JoAnn’s a couple of weeks ago looking to find new knitting magazines to purchase, and instead found that they seemed to be downsizing their inventory of Paton’s. Paton’s Classic Wool in colorway Paprika was on sale for $1.97 a skein, as was Paton’s Kroy Socks Stripes in Burnished Sienna. I hesitated and lost out on Paprika. Sometimes you get excited about colors and as they fester in your stash you start believing they’re the ugliest color you’ve ever set eyes on. Paprika became that yarn for me. Until I realized I’d made a ridiculous amount of things out of it… a starter mitten (technique test), my Learn Jogless Stripes Hat, which was gifted because it was too big (and never worn because it still contained jogs- but he told me he wanted it nonetheless…), and more recently this: 


My “Jog Less” hat, a success because I finally obeyed the instructions. Anyway, I’ve used this skein of yarn quite a bit and I’m around the half way point, so I went to JoAnn’s again after deciding it would be a wise move for me to purchase another skein, especially at so economical a price. (A lot of my friends are Browns fans. And Bengals fans. All orange.) Low and behold, it was sold out.  So I consoled myself with the ugly sock yarn. 

I liked to use ugly cheap yarn for test projects, because nothing is  really risked by frogging and re-frogging. As I checked out the lady told me “The next time I see you you’d better be wearing your new socks!” Yeah right, lady.

I have an irrational fear of some knitting techniques. First it was yarn overs, then I learned them, they weren’t so bad. Next, SSK’s. I could not possibly fathom what “slip slip knit” meant. It sounded like code. Did it mean I slipped 2 and knit the 3rd stitch? When I finally mustered up the nerve, I read about 4 tutorials and watched at least 3 videos on it. I mean, I studied that thing like most people study… things much more important/complicated than an SSK.

That was a fine and dandy bout of fearlessness, but let’s talk about REALLY scary stuff: short rows. I got it in my head last month that I wanted to knit a Caliometry, and instantly backed out as soon as the words “short rows” were spoken of.  To me, that’s big scary sweater stuff. I don’t do big scary sweater stuff. Turning in the middle of the row? “Wrap and turn”? I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like. I envisioned a complicated process filled with headaches and tears, the frustrations of knitting rows where rows ought not to be.  Two: Gussets. I knit one previously-mentioned test mitten, and as “cute” of an experiment as it was, it was still an experiment, I never knit a second because my gussets were all kinds of effed up. Holes everywhere. Wrong numbers of stitches. Nightmare.

Picking up and knitting, which is looped in with the aforementioned gussets. How did you know which to pick up? I have a notoriously hard time envisioning concepts in books with illustrations rather than pictures, and Vogue Knitting illustrations were where I had gleaned my ideas of picking up and knitting. Plus, I only recently even learned how to properly single crochet. And I won’t lie by saying I didn’t have a hard time with a knitting needle rather than a crochet hook.

I took a deep breath, and a week and a half ago, I pulled up Silver’s  sock class, and damnit, I cast on for a sock.


Tonight, I finished the 2nd. It’s blocking now.

I feel like master of the universe.

I hope the lady at JoAnn’s notices when I wear them in there.


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