Summer in the Country

30 June 2010 § Leave a comment

Here in Ohio it’s a glorious week from the summer solstice. And for that week it’s been pretty summery. It was over 90° almost all week. Sweltering. Even at night it was sweltering. It rained almost every day, and immediately after it rained it just returned to the pre-rain heat and humidity. I thought I was living in Florida again. Then on Sunday everything changed.

 As I sat out on the porch with Steve, a thunderstorm rolled in.  Maybe thunderstorm is not an accurate description. The Apocolypse rolled in. There was sheet rain and hail, trees blowing branches everywhere. It was 95° one minute and the next minute I was shivering the rain and wind were so cold. We had a concert to attend so it wasn’t a very happy moment. But the storm cleared after 20 minutes, and our concert was on, and we had another lovely surprise. The Apocolypse blew in  some lovely weather. In fact, every day I wake up I think Wow, it’s like fall in the end of June.  Which has lead to this:

caron scarf

Me trying to use up all my Country. The scarf is up to 42″ and the ball is getting low. I want a long scarf though. A really long scarf. As in, while trying to use up all the Country might have to buy another ball to get it the length I want long. I have a ball of green buy I don’t want to dye it. I like the gray color. But this may be what they give you to knit with in one of the middle circles of knitting hell. I’m using bamboo needles so it’s not splitting very badly, but I have used aluminium and it was awful. I’ve found six knots in the ball total.  I bought the ball because it felt soft, but I hate how it feels knitting with it. It collects hair like it’s a hobby. It squeaks a lot as I knit with it.

I guess the real question is how much longer I can deal with all of these problems.


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