Return to the Internet

9 November 2009 § Leave a comment

After a week and a half, I have finally returned to the internet. The short hiatus was brought about by a hard drive crash, as pictures and music had gunked up my laptop’s puny 60 GB hard drive. A slightly larger 80 GB hard drive replaced it, with the option of putting in another hard drive down the road. The good news is that the computer runs a thousand times better than it did, being just as fast, if not faster, than the day I bought it. The bad news is the total hard drive crash prevented the removal of my pictures and music, but I’m sure I have most of it backed up somewhere.

In more good news, the hiatus freed up a lot of time for me to knit on my Kureyon/Lopi scarf which today clocked in at 3’4″ as I ran out of the first ball of Lopi. I’m still waiting to run out of my first ball of Kureyon, but I still have 2-3 color changes to go…

noro scarf2

And I’m knitting with a frenzy because I’m the rare knitter who HAS to complete a project before beginning a new one, and I want to do some Christmas knitting.

noro scarf needles

Really though. I’m knitting as fast as I can.


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